~ Old Soul Music ~

What if three film composers started a band? The Divine Madness is a musical collaboration between Victoria Mazze (Maze) Chris Ride and Cano. Their music has been heard on Showtime’s ‘The Tudors' and their latest singles, 'Ghetto Luv', 'Lose Myself' and 'The Queen Will Rise Again' in motion pictures. Classic Hollywood meets Alice in Wonderland in their genre-bending sound that draws influence from Tarantino films, Johnny Cash, Lana Del Rey, and Blondie.

Their sound is undeniably influenced by film music, as each song takes the listener on a musical journey through emotions and colors, yet with a retro, melancholy undertone. Victoria stated, “We love old movies, old fashion, old records, old buildings, old fairytales and are always bringing those worlds into this one. The Divine Madness is old soul music for heavenly souls. We are here to share our catalogue of over 40 unreleased tracks and to connect to those who, like us, are drawn to music that isn’t just cerebral but ethereal and transcendent.”

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