You Should Know The Common Problems In Learning English

The limited time to learn English is often the biggest challenge for your English Learners. Both for those who are still in school, or those who have worked At school, time is spent from morning to evening, and English lessons that are applied at school still use many traditional learning methods, which do not provide opportunities for students to hone their understanding and the teacher only evaluates the whole class without personal feedback. One way that can be taken is to take a course or institution that helps develop your abilities without providing additional burdens in learning. Aside from that, perhaps you need to take the b1 english test if you want to get the UK visa as soon as possible.

Irrelevant Learning Methods

If you have taken an additional class, but still feel there is no development in your English ability. Have you ever thought that something was wrong with the learning method used? Are the learning methods that you use already in accordance with your ability to understand and give you the opportunity to directly use/practice the theory that you have obtained? If not, use the learning method that best suits you, both in terms of time, speed of learning, and how to deliver it. Study at your own pace!

Various Language Pronunciation and Dialects

Because English has been used in many countries as their main language of instruction, differences arise in terms of pronunciation and also the dialect used. For example, the best known is the difference between British English and American English. Broadly speaking, it’s not too important you will use a variety of types of English which is because the most important thing is conveying the message between you and your interlocutor. However, the preference for various languages is sometimes a trend among teenagers who are learning English. For example, there are teenagers who like American English because they seem practical and light.

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