You Must Pray Because Of Some Reasons

You may be amazed at those who keep up with their every request and praise and faithfully renew their prayer list. You are inspired by those who invited others to pray together and who solemnly raised their prayers every night. Over the years you may have tried to imitate their style, organize the perfect life of prayer, and imitate the words of those who are more fluent in prayer. Is it a Prayer for healing when you pray to God?

God assures us that He hears and pays attention to every prayer, whether spoken or not, so does the cry of the heart incarnate through tears. When we believe in God and His perfect love for us, we are convinced that praying with humility in an attitude of surrender and dependence on Him is always the right way to pray.

If you experience anger or disappointment, surely your heart will feel uneasy. If it’s like this, don’t be moody and mope. Praying can reassure and soothe your heart that is in a state of unhappiness.

God is the one who knows most about the ins and outs of humans and their lives are not humans themselves. Prayer is very important, even absolutely essential for humans in their daily lives. It is fitting for humans to have a strong spirit to always pray to God, which is also for the benefit and good for themselves, not for God. And humans should also have the belief that they always need God and have a sense of not wanting to stop always praying to God because there is no power and effort humans can do something and get what they want except just because there is help from God. Religion teaches prayers for every problem faced by humans in any field, so it is highly recommended for humans to use it in treading life to obtain the salvation of the world and the hereafter.

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