Tips For Tidying Your House After A Flood

Flooded houses are a problem that is no stranger to parts of some countries in the rainy season. Unfortunately, the problem did not stop even though the flood had passed where the condition of the house was dirty and messy. Not only the silt is left, but also bacteria and germs left on the floor and walls because of flood water mixed with the sewage water. This is the time for you to need to clean your house quickly before the dirt becomes dry and harder to remove. Home cleaning after the flood needs a smart strategy so that your time is used efficiently and the house is clean again as soon as possible. Below is how to clean the right house so that the house is free of bacteria and germs after the flood. Meanwhile, you may need to call the best water damage restoration on A1 Restoration when your house gets flooded again in the future.

Tips for cleaning your house quickly after being flooded:

You need to act quickly, but do not need to panic to see the condition of the house dirty and messy after the flood, determine priorities and set the time as efficiently as possible. The following steps are clever cleaning:

Be alert when the flood water in the house has receded to about 5cm high. This is when you have to start removing flood water deposits because the mud will be more difficult to get rid of without water, don’t wait until the flood water is completely drained. Spray dirt and mud deposits out of the house using a palm broom or rubber shovel. Reach also under furniture.

That way, you will only need clean water to rinse. As soon as the flood recedes but while the floor is still wet, rinse the floor with clean water. Use pressurized hose water high enough to reach every corner of the house and shed the remains of dirt on furniture submerged in flood water. Remove the water using a palm broom or rubber shovel and make sure there is no standing water left in the house.

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