These Three Places In The UK Have Beautiful Natural Scenery

Many people want to go to the United Kingdom (UK). The UK is one of the countries visited by many tourists. The UK is also famous for the best universities that are the destination for many students from all over the world. Unfortunately, you must have a UK visa before you go there. You can get a UK visa if you do a b1 test first.
Besides being famous for the best universities, the UK is also famous for its natural beauty. Many tourists come to the UK to enjoy the natural beauty of this country.
Here are some natural beauties that you must enjoy when you are in the UK

Lake District in England
The 1,343 square kilometers Lake District National Park includes some of the largest lakes in the country, the highest peak, and some of its most beautiful scenery. Landscape and nature inspire writers, poets, and artists, some of whom make their homes here. Some lakes have historic boats that you can drive, and the entire area is filled with a network of trails and hiking. You can enjoy all the areas by bus, bicycle or even on foot. The park’s visitor center is in Brockhole and a boating center in Coniston.

Peak District in England
This place, which is touted as Switzerland, is the first National Park in the UK to be established in 1951. The Peak District and its surroundings are a great place to capture the moment in the spring, with a backdrop of hills filled with blooming flowers. Other areas in the Peak District that can be visited are Matlock City and can be reached on foot.

Jurassic Coast in England
The Jurassic Coast is a famous destination and a popular tourist destination because it is listed as one of the world heritage sites. The large cliffs oriented to the ocean were formed for 180 million years, and this region is usually filled with fossil treasure hunters.

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