These Are Ways To Maintain Your Wood-Cutting Machines

The saw blade and all parts of the machine should be cleaned after use because the remaining material that is still attached can cause damage. In addition, when it is immediately cleaned, when the next morning when it is about to be used again, it is installed to the engine part. No need to clean up too long so that the resulting working hours are more efficient. Aside from that, perhaps you need to visit if you’re looking for the affordable and decent electric chainsaws.

Store with plastic wrap first

The saw blade and the part of the wood cutting machine as a whole are best stored in a way wrapped in plastic first. Don’t cover the plastic but wrap it, so that the whole machine is protected by the plastic. The goal is to avoid the risk of a saw being broken or knocked over and making a serious injury to the culprit. In addition to avoiding being used as toys by children because they are often curious about objects around them. Certainly dangerous if put just like that without a protector or safety even though only plastic.

Give a rust-proof liquid to the saw blade

Provide anti-rust fluids at home that can be purchased at hardware stores or building materials, and give this liquid to the surface of the saw blade. Because even though it is often used and sharpened if it is not given a protective layer of corrosion guaranteed corrosion will still attack. Try to be routinely given this liquid, at least once a week and do not have to be washed thinly just to save. The result is, of course, the saw blade is always shiny and the sharpness is long lasting.

It’s good to take off the saw blade after use

In order to provide maximum protection and care, try to remove the saw blade after use. The aim is to avoid the risk of broken saw blades being hit by walls or poles, or hit by people with motorbikes or whatever. Because when the saw blade is still installed it automatically makes its position vulnerable to breaking for various reasons. Compared to taking this risk, just let go, guaranteed not to take long, especially if you are experienced.

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