These Are Tricks To Take Care Of Your School Uniforms

So guys, if you see any stains in your school uniforms. You must wash it as soon as possible. The stain attached to the clothes will be difficult to clean if you don’t wash your school uniform directly.

A lot of sweat, wash immediately

If you are in school do a lot of activities so that the sweat that comes out becomes a little excessive. Immediately wash your uniform. Sweat can make your school uniform’s color fade.

Don’t leave the dirty school uniforms too long

If your school uniforms are dirty and need to be washed, immediately wash the clothes. Do not leave a dirty uniform too long because it can make the color fade.

Separate when washing

When you wash your school uniforms in white, separate your school uniforms with other colored clothes. This is done to make the clothes stay bright and keep your white clothes dirty with other colors.

Use the non-iron hanger

If you want to hang your school uniforms, use a hanger whose material is not iron. Due to it is feared that iron hangers will become rusty, and the rust may damage or stain the uniforms.

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