These Are The Meaning Of Colors On Buildings

The choice of wall paint color of a building is usually not separated from the color white, cream, light green or gray. Rarely does a building owner choose colors outside of these colors, the reason is sometimes afraid to be said to be too bold, strange until feared to say whatever. The color of the inner wall of the room is the same as the color of the walls of the outside building. Aside from that, you can hire the best if you can’t paint your house on your own, especially if you don’t have any experience at all in painting.

Color can also reflect the nature or character of people (people) who choose it, such as reflecting firmness, calmness, friendliness and cleanliness of the owner. With color, it also contains something to be achieved, for example white to achieve cleanliness and red color to achieve discipline and others.

The basic color consists of 3 (three), namely; Blue, Red, and Yellow.

There are 2 (two) color groups, namely warm colors and cool colors. From red to yellow, it is classified as a “warm” color group and from green to bronze (purple) it is classified as a “cool” color group.

The meaning of colors is as follows;

White: Soft, simple, precise, straightforward, straight, neat and clean.

Black: Firm, calm, focused, elite, empty, sad and lonely.

Red color: Inspirational, strong, disciplined, warm, attracting attention and love.

Yellow: Optimistic, confident, alert, always alert and positive.

Blue: Consistent, concentration, not ambition, trust, and rigidity.

Green: Natural, relaxed, calm. coolness and dampen emotions.

Orange: Cheerful, energetic, sensual, fun and trigger appetite.

Chocolate: Natural, friendly, soft, serious and trustworthy.

Gray: Smart, mature, professional, safe and calm.

Pink: Love, femininity, peace, protect, harmony, beauty, and sweetness.

Purple: Mysterious, full of surprises, full of ideas, self-closing, noble, ambitious and arrogant.

Gold: Glory, classy, successful, never give up, like to think and excel.

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