Four Ways To Help Keep Aircon Machines Durable

The temperature of hot air outdoors is usually mixed with air pollution. This is the reason why people install aircon, both for home, office, and many other places. One of the main functions of the aircon is to provide fresh and cool air by filtering the air from the outside more info. So, after being outdoors in hot conditions, people tend to look for fresh and cold air. In order to keep the aircon working cool, the aircon must be maintained. Maintenance of large amounts of aircon usually involves aircon servicing to get maximum results.

But for those of you who have a private aircon, you can do simple maintenance on the aircon at home. There are a number of tips to keep the aircon to last long:

– Steep doors, air vents, and windows when turning on the aircon
Aircon is used for enclosed spaces, so try to have no air flow in or out when turning on the aircon. That way, the aircon will focus on working to cool the room, so that the compressor does not take too long to condition the room.

– Perform service regularly
Service is done not only for the inside aircon, but the service is also necessary for the outside aircon. Overall aircon maintenance can be done by aircon servicing services. You can contact trusted service. The aircon factory also advises aircon maintenance to keep the aircon engine working.

– Check the freon pressure every month
Freon is one of the supporting materials that determine whether or not the aircon is cold or not. If the aircon is leaking, then the freon pressure can be reduced from its original capacity. Sometimes aircon leaks cannot be detected easily. There is an aircon that has a soft leak so it cannot be immediately known. Therefore, checking the freon pressure should be done every six months. If the freon pressure decreases, the aircon becomes less cold.

– Turning off the aircon when leaving the room long enough
If you travel for a long period of time, you should turn off the aircon of the room. You can unplug the power to avoid a power outage that results in an unstable voltage. This risks the aircon being exposed to high or low voltage.

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