Finding The Right Standing Position For Archery

Deer hunting is almost always a unique experience, although later it can either get a big result or not. However, we hope that we must be able to get big, fast, safe, and also not disturb the natural ecosystem. Are you interested in bow hunting? If so, you can visit our website and find lots of tips for hunting with recurve bow. In this article, we will explain how to find the right standing position for archery.

– Standing perpendicular to the target. If you use your right hand, stand with your left hip towards the target (standing in the opposite direction if you are left-handed). Keep your body vertical. Don’t tilt to one side or the other. Instead, imagine that your body is parallel to the vertical line in the middle to keep you straight.

– Stand astride above the shooting line. The shooting line is a line that marks a certain distance from the target. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, placing your body in the middle and above the shooting line. Keeping your feet firmly planted with a shoulder-width stretch will also maximize stability when you shoot.

– Turn your head towards the target. Look directly at the target by turning your head toward the target. Be sure not to rotate your whole body, which must remain perpendicular to the target. Keep the chest inserted and shoulders lowered, to ensure that you don’t bend your shoulders.

– Hold the bow firmly but with a comfortable grip. If you use your right hand, hold the bow with your left hand on the bow handle. You will know the place to hold the bow because most recurve bows have handles. Your thumb and index finger should be bent slightly inward, while the other fingers in the hands of this part should relax. Your wrist should also relax. Don’t hold a bow with a dead handle. This can make your shot inaccurate. Stay relaxed so that every move runs smoothly.

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